Night Ferry

Night Ferry - Northern Ireland
A P&O Irish Sea ferry passes the Chaine Tower Lighthouse on its way to Scotland. This cylindrical stone tower lighthouse with a conical roof, is situated on the west side of entrance to Larne Lough, County Antrim, Northern Ireland. It was completed in January 1888 and erected as a memorial to James Chaine, MP for County Antrim. The light is situated 23 meters up the 28 meter Tower and has a range of 16 nautical miles.

The first light was established on July 1, 1899, and was designed to guide Ships and other vessels past the Hunter Rock and into the mouth of the Harbour. This first light was oil burning and as such, for a brief period, Chaine has its own attendant keeper. On October 5, 1905 the light was converted to coal gas and connected to the Larne gas mains. After the conversion responsibility for maintaining the light fell to the keepers of Ferris Point lighthouse on the other side of the harbour.
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