Destroyed DSLR on Cyprus Trip 2008

10th April 2008
In March/April of 2008 I headed to Cyprus to explore the Akamas Peninsula. This wild, undeveloped finger of land jutting into the Mediterranean is a true gem. It contains a network of nature trails and the Bath of Aphrodite.

Problems, three days into my trip I destroyed my Canon 400D body through water damage leaving me without a camera for the remaining 9 days.. Despite this set back I managed to capture some good shots for the two days I had to explore there with my camera.

How does one destroy his camera?

I had the camera setup on quite a high rock for the sunset over sea which I thought was a safe distance. As the sun touch down on the horizen I noticed a huge swell coming in presenting a great finish to the shoot. This one kept coming in like a tsunami and I could do nothing but brace myself and hold steady the camera. It hit the high 12ft rocks I was on soaking me and camera. Got back to hotel and dried the camera with towel and turned it back on. Big mistake, it kind of went funny firing the shutter before dying with no power.

Yes I know, I should of dried it out slowly the following day with battery out :( The worse thing though was not losing a £400 body but having no camera for the next 9 days as there was so many places I wanted to visit. Because of this I now carry two bodies with me. I bought the Canon 5D and 450D.

This is the moment of impact and the last image I took with the Canon 400D. I called this one "baptism of fire".